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April 2013  
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Fun at the little e
GBA Pop-up Shop
SummerFest Sidewalk Sales
Farewell, Becky!
Beautiful Greenfield
selling coffee little e   
Great Fun at the little e!
We had tons of fun at Franklin County's the little e this past weekend! We sold delicious Pierce Brothers coffee to the hordes of attendees, gave away creamy Our Family Farms hot chocolate to lucky coupon-holders, and did our Green Egg promotion. We also offered GBA ornaments & Brick+Mortar t-shirts in our GBA pop-up shop.
We want to give a big shout-out to our stalwart volunteers who made it all possible: Patti Waters, Bill Baker of Baker Office Supply, Cyndi LaBelle of Pierce Brothers Coffee, Belinda Clapp of Greenfield Savings Bank, George Gohl of the Greenfield Garden Cinemas, Hillary Hoffman of the Town Council, Nancy Pretto of People's United Bank, Mary Walsh-Martel of Magical Child, and the friends & spouses who got dragged along to help. As they say on the Wonder Pets, teamwork!
Thanks also to all the friends who attended the little e and stopped by our tent to say hello! And if you didn't make it, hope to see you next year!

Chamber pop-up shop    

Pop-up Shop
Is Here!
And speaking of the GBA Pop-up Shop, the Shop is now here at the Chamber!
Missing any of the GBA Annual Collectible Ornaments? Forgot to get a Brick+Mortar t-shirt last year? Well now's the time to rectify those situations! Come on down to the GBA Pop-up Shop and avail yourselves of what we have to offer! Ornaments are only $8 or two for $15; t-shirts are $10/two for $15 for long-sleeve, or $8/two for $10 for short-sleeve (limited supply of short-sleeve); recycled-plastic, mercury-free Greenfield thermometers only $5; and brown leather Franklin County luggage tags for a mere $3!
Shop now and be all done come December!
Sidewalk Sales full sun 
Summer's Just Around the Corner!
And so are the GBA's SummerFest Sidewalk Sales! We're planning on a bigger & better event this year, with more activities, more vendors, and more FUN! And you should be a part of it!
To find out more about SummerFest Sidewalk Sales and how you can be involved, contact Caitlin at gba@franklincc.org or 413.774.2791. Come join in the summer fun!
Caitlin & Becky at the little eJoin Us in Saying Farewell to Becky George
We are very sad to lose Becky George, whose last day with the Chamber will be April 26. Without Becky's help, learning the ropes at the GBA would've been much more of a challenge. She is a fountain of knowledge, and a true advocate of Greenfield and Franklin County, and I am proud to know her as a colleague and as a friend. We wish her the very best in all her new adventures.
Please help us send her off tonight, April 25, at a reception at the Deerfield Inn from 5-7 pm. It is a big part of our After Hours program that night and we hope you'll come and bring friends.
Please make reservations by calling the office at 773-5463.

Thanks Becky, for all your hard work and years of service to us and this community!
painting of woman sweeping sidewalkHelp Keep Greenfield Beautiful!
The warm weather is finally here and the flowers and trees are blooming - huzzah! We've even traded our tired pine branches for spring pansies here at the Chamber. Let's not ruin the buzz by leaving trash on the sidewalks. Don't forget to keep the area around your business clean; we'll all be better for it!

Thanks for Being a Member of the GBA!  
Thanks to the following members for renewing in March. A strong membership makes for a strong business community and we greatly appreciate your participation!
March 2013 Returning Members:

Artisan Beverage Cooperative
Berkshire Insurance Group
China Gourmet
Community YMCA in Greenfield
Freedom Credit Union
Greenfield Co-operative Bank
Greenfield Savings Bank
Historic Deerfield
The People's Pint
Silver Screen Design
Solar Store at Greenfield
Spike Segundo LLC
Surner Heating Co., Inc.
Taylor's Tavern
TD Bank

Greenfield Business Association

Caitlin von Schmidt, Coordinator