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March 2013
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The Member Showcase Is Tomorrow!
And we are SO going to have some fun! Come by the Arts Block on Thursday the 28th from 5-7 p.m. and taste samples of some of the best food & drink Greenfield has to offer! Listen to local band HASTE! and schmooze to your heart's content. Plus, we have a bunch of great door prizes from local businesses and raffles for media packages worth nearly $3,000!
Members, you get in for free, but don't come alone - bring your friends & co-workers! Bring your out-of-town friends! Heck, bring strangers in off the street! Time to show off! It's only five bucks for non-members. Check out our facebook event for more details. And don't forget to "like" the GBA facebook page if you haven't already!
And if you forgot to tell us you want to come & show off what you're all about, we still might be able to squeeze you in. Email Caitlin  or call 774.2791 ASAP. Space is limited.
See you there!


Franklin County's the little e Is Coming!

Come join in the show! 
The little e is coming sooner than you think! It takes place April 20 & 21, which believe it or not, is right around the corner. It'll be at the Franklin County Fairgrounds here in Greenfield. and combines three local annual events, the Franklin County Home Show, the Green Fair, and Farm to Fiber (previously known as FiberTwist) to create more fun than a barrel of monkeys! It's a great time to show off what we do here in the greater Franklin County community. So let's see what you've got!

Franklin County Brewers glass  
Saturday will feature the Franklin County Local Brewers Sampling tent (12-4), Sunday a localvore Waffle Breakfast tent (10:30-12:30). Kids can get their faces painted or make a craft, and everyone is welcome to attend home, yard & garden, and fiber workshops on everything from 2013 Solar Energy Options to raising chickens in your backyard. There's something for everyone at the little e!
For more information on Franklin County's the little e, see the website here.
Economic Development ideas from Community Workshop
Tell Me About Economic Development!
Yours truly, GBA Coordinator Caitlin, is continuing to work for you on the Greenfield Sustainable Master Plan Advisory Committee and its Economic Development subcomittee. I'm creating a  SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) analysis for the Subcommittee and I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK! Please help me convey your concerns, suggestions, and thoughts to the rest of the Committee. Email me here: GBA SWOT analysis - the sooner the better. If you don't tell me what you think, I can't tell them.
Thanks for helping your voice be heard!
Four Rivers logo   
Help Him Help You!
At Four Rivers Charter School, Juniors research fields in which they are interested and then look for people in the community who are working in those fields.
They set up 20 hours of job-shadowing with the intention of learning by "seeing in action" instead of solely by reading and looking at job statistics. Four Rivers kids have shadowed teachers, mechanics, carpenters, architects, scientists, surgeons (in the operating room, no less!) and business owners, to name a few.
The students know they may do nothing more than watch and listen, although they are prepared to pitch in and help in any way they can. All students are covered by the Four Rivers liability insurance when doing this kind of fieldwork. These job-shadows (or internships, as we call them) are incredibly illuminating and valuable to kids who are trying to figure out what comes next after high school.
We would love to help Four Rivers find a placement for a student of theirs who would love to do such an "internship" with a local company. Please email or call Caitlin (774.2791) to tell her you'd like to offer a student a great learning experience! Thanks!
Creative Economy banner 2013  
Creative Economy Summit 4 Wrap-up
The Creative Economy Summit, this year held in Turners Falls, was a fountain of useful and inspirational information, from the nuts and bolts to the sublime. Speakers from Bellows Fall, Vermont; Turners Falls; Pittsfield; Springfield, and Shelburne/Buckland echoed the belief that the arts are an amazing, incomparable way to get people to love their places, to create an emotional investment which helps grow financial investment. I came away with a massive amount of notes and a ton of great ideas, so big thanks to the Chamber's Becky George and the entire Fostering Arts and Culture Project crew for putting on such a wonderful event! Can't wait for next year!
Mr. Clean 
It's Time for Spring Cleaning!
Spring is HERE! It may not feel like it, but the calendar tells me so. There are lots of lovely spring windows downtown and the flowers are coming up. And I have a mountain of yard work to do, so it MUST be spring! Let's all work together to make Greenfield look its best for when the folks start spending more time on the streets! And I'll promise to clean up my yard.

Thanks for Being a Member of the GBA!  
Thanks to the following members for renewing in February. A strong membership makes for a strong business community and we greatly appreciate your participation!
February 2013 Returning Members:

Aztec: The Office Equipment People
Baystate Franklin Medical Center, Inc.
The Brandt House 
Doug Gordon PC Consulting
Greenfield Corporate Center
Greenfield Farmers' Cooperative Exchange
Harmon Personnel Services
M & M Removal Services
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
Poetry Ridge Bed & Breakfast

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