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November News from the GBA
Greenfield Business Association November 2012
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Split Tax: Be There
Holiday Lights
New GBA Coordinator
Home for the Holidays
Urbio on Osgood
DISC, Inc.
Split Tax Discussion Tonight!
Every year the town decides whether it will keep the tax rate the same for businesses and residents (a factor of one) or splits the rate so that businesses pay a higher percentage. It's been the position of the Greenfield Business Association that splitting the tax adds a burden to business and commercial property owners at a time when a weak economy is already putting stress on businesses. Tonight at 6 p.m. at GCTV (393 Main Street) the Ways and Means Committee of the Town Council will hear a presentation on and discuss the merits of splitting the tax rate. The GBA has talking points available for those who want to attend the meeting and support a factor of one. Contact Kate if you want a copy of the talking points and plan to attend so we have an idea how many business owners will be present.
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Holiday Lights:
Reserve Your Star Now
Greenfield will look festive and inviting when the holiday lights go up next week. If you haven't sent in your form to reserve your star, you still have a little time. We are accepting commitments for stars until Tuesday, Nov. 20. So act now and let Kate know if you want to show your support for this fabulous downtown lights program. And thank you to those who have already sent your form and check.
P.S. Be sure to come to the GBA's Celebrity Bartending event at Taylor's Tavern on Nov. 28 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. where Hope & Olive and Magpie co-owner Jim Zacarra will be slinging Singapore slings, mudpies, grasshoppers, pink ladies, Rob Roys and any other tricky drinks you can dream up. Proceeds benefit the lights program!
Caitlin von Schmidt
New GBA Coordinator
The Greenfield Business Association is pleased to announce that a new coordinator has started. Caitlin von Schmidt of Greenfield is a local graphic designer and cultural leader who has worked in museums and nonprofits around New England. She will overlap with Kate to learn the ins and outs of the job until Kate leaves for a new job at the New England Farmers Union in Shelburne Falls.
"I'm looking forward to working with all of the members as we strive for a vibrant and forward-looking business community," said Caitlin.
"It's been great working at the GBA with a crew of terrific business owners,"  said Kate. "Greenfield's revitalization is solidly on track and in Caitlin's hands, the town can only keep improving as a desirable destination."
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There's No Place Like
Home for the Holidays
This year's Home for the Holidays promises to be a blast. Santa will be at the Veterans Mall (the Pushkin if it's raining), as will carolers and other performers. The GBA will be selling our 20th Landmark Ornament celebrating GCC's 50th anniversary and we'll have cups of real hot chocolate for sale. 
Are you a retailer? Caitlin and Kate will be by this week and next to ask if you'd like to be a part of the now-traditional window display contest. It's a great way to get folks to your store. The winner will receive advertising packages and a ballot will be drawn at random for $50 in Greenfield Dollars.
A New Art Gallery on Osgood Street: Urbio
Greenfield's culture scene just got a boost as a new art gallery opened last month. New GBA member Urbio, owned by Jeremy Young, has a great selection of art work at a variety of prices for the casual shopper or art collecter. Stop in for a visit. Osgood is the cross street off Federal where the Greenfield Cooperative Bank is located.
There will be an art opening for a new exhibit of children's illustrators on Dec. 15. Save the date!

DISC, Inc: Veteran Search Marketing Firm
Moves to Greenfield

The GBA welcomes new member DISC, Inc., a search marketing firm that serves all kinds and sizes of businesses. DISC is currently working with Google to help implement their new, affordable programs for small businesses that sell locally.


Founded in 1995 and specializing in search marketing since 1997, DISC's experience offers wisdom that distinguishes hype from what really works.


DISC's services include SEO (search engine optimization), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), conversion rate optimization, SEO'd site design and build, training, social media marketing, ROI reporting, and prioritizing all of the above according to the client's likely profit.


Check out the fall 2012 issue of Visibility Magazine that talks about DISC in an article called "Page Rank Sculpting: Why and How to Do It." Contact DISC. Inc. for more information.

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