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September 2013  
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Holiday Lights!
Riverside Blues & BBQ
Trick or Treat
Blockbuster Weekend
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The Holiday Lights Program Is Here!
What's that you say? It's only been fall for five measly days? Well, I hate to alarm you, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And you all know what that means - no, not indigestion, it's the GBA's fabulous Holiday Lighting Program!
Yes, it's better to light ninety poles than to curse the darkness, and this year we're excited to be rolling out some really great upgrades to our decorations. Not only will we be starting the process of replacing the incandescent light strings with long-lasting, warm-white LEDs, but we'll also be adding light to the arms (the designer, Nan Parati, calls these the "spiders") at the tops of about thirty-five poles.
Sponsorships are available at three different levels - $100, $500, and $1,000. All sponsors get their name on a light pole star (or someone else's name, should you care to sponsor a dedication or memorial). Sponsorships at the $500 level make you a named sponsor at December's Home for the Holidays event; sponsorships at the $1,000 level make you a named sponsor at that and all other GBA events throughout the year.
Help the GBA create and install the prettiest downtown decorations around and foster the holiday spirit in Greenfield!
To download more information and a sponsorship form, click here. Or you could always get in touch with me, Caitlin, via email or 774.2791.


Promote Your Business at the Riverside Blues & BBQ Festival

By george, the Recreation Department is at it again! The 3rd Annual Riverside Blues & BBQ Festival will take place October 11-13 at Beacon Field and organizers are looking to show off the great stuff we have here in Greenfield to the competitors and judges who come from near and far.
The Rec will be stuffing two hundred bags with your goodies - coupons, menus, brochures, flyers, business cards, various items of swag, etc. If you get them to me (Caitlin) I'll get them to the Rec (Christy and Kelly); bring them to the Chamber by October 7 and you'll be good to go. Let's show those folks what we're made of!
For more information about the Festival, you can go their website here. And to check it out on facebook, go here. And as usual, you can call Caitlin for more info, 774.2791. See you there!
This year's Downtown Halloween event will take place - you guessed it - on Halloween! That's right, on Thursday, October 31 everyone's invited to dress up and come downtown to participating locations for the gathering of candy, apples, and dental hygiene swag. And to cap it off, you can walk in the Rag Shag Parade and compete in the costume contest where the parade ends in Energy Park. The Greenfield Recreation Department hosts this great event with support from the GBA and believe you me, it's a blast!
About a week before Halloween I'll be coming around to downtown businesses to see if you'd like to join in, and I'll have signs to hang in your window or on your door that'll show you'll be well-stocked with candy and ready for the hordes of costumed kiddies. If you already know you want a sign, let me know and I'll make sure I stop by to see you.
The Downtown Halloween is an amazing generator of goodwill in Greenfield and draws people who may not spend much time downtown otherwise. It's a great way for people to check out both new spots and old favorites and the more businesses involved, the better. Hope you'll be one of them!
Caitlin & T Halloween 2012

Coordinator Caitlin & son

the Chinese Dragon, downtown 2012

Bonus brownie points for you if you recognize me and my family as we partake in all the fun! ;)


Blockbuster Weekend Downtown!
Have you been wondering why you haven't heard about this year's Brick+Mortar event? The bad news is that there will be no 2013 Brick+Mortar (we are hoping for its return in 2014). The good news is that we'll be having one heck of an amazing weekend here in Greenfield anyway!
The Double Take Fringe Festival, the Greenfield Annual Word Festival (aka GAWFest), and the One Minute Fest Greenfield (aka OMFG) will all be taking place between October 17-20. Partake in an embarrassment of riches as downtown Greenfield is filled with theatre, spoken word, and video! And there's even time left to submit a video to the One Minute Fest - just go to the website for further info.
The organizers of all three events are working together to cross-promote the weekend and 1,500 programs will be printed in anticipation of the great number of attendees. There's still time to advertise; for more info, call or email Caitlin.

The Master Plan Work Continues  
In case you're wondering what our header picture is up above, it's the Greenfield Sustainable Master Plan's Fall Gathering, which took place at Court Square on September 26. The public was invited to check out all the goals of the Master Plan, which have already been written, and their attendant strategies, which are still in draft form.
Members of the Master Plan Advisory Committee and its subcommittees as well as representatives of many Town departments were on hand to answer questions about the Master Plan and get feedback from one and all.
Yours truly, Caitlin, is a member of the MPAC and the Economic Development Subcommittee; and the Chair of the Natural, Historic, and Cultural Subcommittee. She has been toiling away since last fall to help make Greenfield an even better place and to represent the interests of the GBA.
Go Greenfield!

Thanks for Being a Member of the GBA!  
Thanks to the following members for renewing in July and August. A strong membership makes for a strong business community and we greatly appreciate your participation!
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