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JOIN NOW! Use a credit card, check or cash. Choose one of these three options.

1. Fill in the online form below. You’ll be prompted to call the GBA at 413.774.2791 with your credit card information.
2. Print out, fill in and mail in this
Membership Form > with your payment to the Greenfield Business Association, 395 Main Street, Greenfield, MA 01301.
3. Print out, fill in and drop off this
Membership Form > with your payment to our office at 395 Main Street in Greenfield.

Name of Business:
Owner(s) of Business:
Street Address:
State and Zip:
Mailing Address
(if different from above):
Telephone Number:
E-mail Address:
Contact Person / Title:
Type of Business:
Date of Opening:
Target Customer:
Number of Employees:
Days and Hours of Operation:
Would you like to be contacted about participation on a project or committee?

Yes No

Cost and Types of Membership:

GBA Membership: dues, $170. This is an annual fee based on 12 months from the time you join. (Dues are $120 if you become a Franklin County Chamber member, too. See below.

GBA / Franklin County Chamber of Commerce together: dues, $340.00 (FCCC dues: $220.00) SAVE $50 Now!

GBA Membership when you have already paid your FCCC Membership: dues, $120.00

Total: $

Membership dues are billed annually unless other arrangements are made.

Would you like to be included in the Greenfield Dollars Program?

Yes No

Greenfield Dollars,
a town-wide gift certificate program, is used frequently throughout the year as gifts, prizes and as a way to keep shopping dollars circulating locally. It's free (and good for business) to be listed with the GBA as a business that accepts the dollars. The GBA promotes businesses that participate in the program. There is a 2% charge when redeeming the certificates for cash reimbursement from our office to cover costs associated with promotion and printing.

I would like to appear as a "Featured Member" on the GBA website?

Yes No

You can get on the waiting list to be a "Featured Member" for one month and see your business prominently displayed on ALL pages throughout the website (a cost applies).

Additional comments or questions:
Payment Method:

I will be mailing in or dropping off my payment.

I will be calling the GBA office and provide my credit card information.

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For easy printing, the following are available for download in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat ReaderĀ® to view and print these documents.

GBA Member Brochure
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