Who’s Open in Greenfield?

This is a growing list of businesses who are still open in Greenfield during the COVID-19 pandemic, even if only part time. If you are a business owner and wish to be on the list, please fill out the request form.

The Franklin County Chamber is maintaining a list of businesses in Franklin County. You can also check out Debbie's spreadsheet of open food and book stores in Franklin County, and Bear Country's Franklin County Now site. Additional food resources can be found on the City of Greenfield's COVID-19 section.

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This list was last updated Thursday, July 16th.

Food Establishments

Applebee's 413-772-0079 Pick-up, Delivery
Athens Pizza 413-774-3723 Pick-up
Big Y 413-772-0435
Bonnie B’s Country Kitchen 413-475-3758 Pick-up
Brad's Place 413-773-8460 Pick-up
China Gourmet 413-774-2299 Pick-up
El Greco (Greek) 413-774-2844 Pick-up, DoorDash.com
Goodies Pizza 413-772-2586 Pick-up, Delivery
Green Fields Market 413-325-8810 Pick-up
Harper's Store 413-774-6300
Hope & Olive 413-774-3150 Pick-up
Main Street Bar & Grille 413-774-6388 Take-out, Eat-In, Delivery
Meadows Cafe and Golf Center 413-768-9771 Pick-up, Delivery
Magpie Pizza 413-475-3570 Pick-up
Manna House (Korean) 413-774-5955 Pick-up
Mesa Verde (Mexican) 413-772-2531 Pick-up, DoorDash.com
Namaste 413-325-8232 Pick-up
New Fortune (Chinese) 413-772-0838 Pick-up, Delivery
People's Pint 413-773-0333 Pick-up, By Phone
Pete’s Seafood Restaurant 413-772-2153 Pick-up
Rise Above Bakery 413-475-3926 Pick-up
Roberto's Pizza 413-775-0155 Pick-up
Smitty's Pub 413-773-1949 Pick-up
Sofia's Pizza 413-774-9900 Pick-up, Delivery
Subway 413-774-5999 Pick-up
Terrazza at Country Club of Greenfield 413-772-0970 Pick-up, Delivery, By Phone
Thai Blue Ginger 413-772-0921 Pick-up, Phone
Village Pizza 413-772-6209 Pick-up
Wings Over Greenfield 413-773-9464 Pick-up, Eat-In, Phone

Liquor & Beverage

Artisan Beverage Cooperative 413-773-9700 Pick-up
Green River Liquor & Ruggeri's Redemption Center 413-772-0468 Pick-up, Delivery, By Phone
Ryan & Casey Liquors 413-772-6585 Pick-up, Delivery
Spirit Shoppe 413-774-9488 Pick-up, Delivery
The Wine Rack 413-773-9988 Pick-up, Delivery, By Phone

Retail Establishments

Baker Office Supply 413-774-2345 Pick-up, Delivery, By Phone
Forest Products Associates 413-772-6833 Pick-up, By Phone
Greenfield Farmers Cooperative Exchange 413-773-9639 Pick-up
Greenfield Imported Car Parts 413-774-2891 Pick-up, By Phone
Harper's Store 413-774-6300
Home Depot 413-773-9150 Pick-up, Delivery, By Phone
Manny's TV and Appliance 413-774-3740
Roundabout Books 413-773-0820 Pick-up, Delivery, By Phone
Smoke Heaven 413-475-3863 Pick-up
Western Mass Organic Garden Supply 413-774-4769 Pick-up, By Phone
World Eye Bookshop/Magical Child 413-772-2186 Delivery, By Phone

Service Companies

About Town Taxi 413-774-4000 Pick-up, By Phone
Adams Direct Mail Service 413-774-9844 Pick-up, Delivery, By Phone
American Knight Transportation 413-774-5466 Pick-up, Delivery
Auto Trim and Sign 413-772-0042 Delivery, By Phone, Video Conf
Albert B. Allen Insurance 413-775-5275 Pick-up, By Phone
Camelot Carpet Cleaners 413-773-9599 Pick-up, Delivery
Carsons Cans 413-834-2852 By Phone
Cherry Rum Automotive 413-774-4605 Pick-up, Delivery, By Phone
Conley's Service 413-773-7464 By Phone
Crocker Communications 413-772-1800 By Phone, Video Conf
Fitzgerald Real Estate 413-774-6371 By Phone
Ford & Toyota of Greenfield 413-773-5155 Pick-up,Delivery,By Phone,Video Conf
Franklin County's YMCA 413-773-3646
Frugal Movers 413-320-7665 By Phone
Greenfield Imported Cars 413-774-5517 Pick-up, Delivery, By Phone
Hilltown Holistic Center 413-345-0490 By Phone, Video Conf
Karen Adams Acupuncture 413-768-8333 Phone, Video Conf
Kennametal 413-772-3200 Pick-up, Delivery, By Phone, Video Conf
Lisa's Cleaning Services 413-834-8737 By Phone
M&M Removal Service 413-773-7384 Pick-up
Meineke Car Care Center 413-774-6056 Pick-up, Delivery, By Phone
Montague WebWorks 413-320-5336 Via Phone, Video Conf, In-person by appt
Mowry & Schmidt, Inc. 413-773-3176
NixWorks Music Lessons 413-824-9858 Video Conf
North County Veterinary Clinic 413-773-8560 By Phone
Patriot Care (medical patients, only) 413-203-6131 Pick-up
Pioneer Valley Veterinary Hospital 413-773-7511 By Phone
PV Squared Solar 413-772-8788 By Phone, Video Conf
Reil Cleaning Services 413-223-5494 By Phone
Sensible Sort Professional Organizer and Coach 413-213-1017 By Phone
Triton Automotive 413-774-4753 Pick-up, Delivery, By Phone
Two Feathers RV 413-223-5416 By Phone
West County Equipment 413-774-2800 Pick-up, Delivery

Are you still open...?

If you are a business owner and wish to be on the list, please fill out the request form.

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